The need for Financial Independence

Every Parent provides his/her child with the best education just so that he can make the child’s future secure by means of making him/her financially independent. There is nothing called free lunch! This defines the “need to earn”. “The need to earn” defines the equation of spending and saving. In simple terms, let us call this “the economics of life”. People grow, they plan their careers and start what they were groomed for-“earning”; cutting the financial chords from their parents. When I say People, I don’t mean only Men. Gone are the days when girls were given basic education and married off. This is the era of women who don’t want to get settled unless they have worked for some time and have tasted the sweetness of financial independence. It becomes tough for such women to put their jobs and individual financial freedom on backseat.

It is our pride: If a woman has worked at one point in her life and has earned her own money then she will never be happy if she is not doing so at any point in her life. She will compromise and will be responsible for her own decision but never be contended from within. Earning her own money gives her a different sense of pride and confidence.

They don’t like to ask: If women of the house is not earning, the entire family is depending on the men of the house for their needs. Women are then expected to manage savings. Well isn’t this the deep rooted culture of our society? Things are changing but we have a long way to go. So basically women then try to put her demands on a low priority list and asking for money doesn’t come without guilt.

They fear the NO: Sometimes, women love being pampered by means of spending some money on themselves, since it gives them a momentary happiness. After all they deserve it once in a while.  If this is denied or dismissed, it hurts their ego and emotions. They fear this NO.

They feel secured: Having her own steady income gives her a sense of security. She feels less bound, less obligated and more free to make her life decisions. She would not want finances to become the reason for her life decisions.

The want to be prepared for worst: You or the sole earner of the house could get into a medical situation where in you would require additional finance or you will have to replace him to be the sole earner of the house. You would want to be ready for it.

6.Be a role model: Although we say fathers are the role model for their children, gone are the days for this kind of stereotyping. Mothers of this era are double graduates and have tremendous potential to make money. When we teach our children the need for education, one of the main aspects is that we want them to grow up to be financially independent. If my daughter will see me highly educated, yet not working, she may question the need to go beyond basic education.

7.Pay back to Parents: Our parents spend their entire life saving and sweating to get us good education. They don’t differentiate between a son and a daughter when they pay their post-graduation fees. As a daughter when we enter into new families, we tend to forget that we have the capability to earn and support our parents in their old age. We have this capability and we would not want to give this less importance.

8.Dual earning Lifestyle: We live in the world which runs on the motto” live to enjoy, enjoy living”. Unfortunately this enjoyment comes with a big cost. We belong to a generation where we will not get pensions after retirement. We need to make our future financially secured. And if dual earning can make this easy, then why not contribute.

9.Because I want to: We just like to work. It gives us an opportunity to see the outside world, make friends with like minded people, utilize our education, use our brains for better purpose, gain more knowledge and last but not the least stay up to date with current affairs of all aspects of life and feel worthy.

Never regret you could not do it. Always try to work around it and make it happen when you have the opportunity. If you think you can, then you should. We should not forget that, we have to live in today and also make the best of today to have a better tomorrow. Gender equality is another thing, but self-contentment is completely our thing!!!

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