How she amended some laws of her life to make her legal career successful?

“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than where I was yesterday”

Very few people make degree as their passion and profession at the same time. She is one of them. Lets’ meet Asmita Shinde, BA, LLB, LLM, Mumbai based owner of a law firm Asmita & Co., a chamber practice expertise that specializes in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), Trademarks,  Designs- Patents and Copy Rights.

With a contagious smile on her face, she begins narrating her journey of Asmita & Co. which had its own course of ups and downs. But what remained consistent during her journey was her consistent desire to work and be independent. She just loves to work.

Dating back to 2005, when she was pursuing her BA, she was all set for earning but was not done learning. Earning was her requirement and learning her personal necessity. She took up a part time job as an assistant coordinator in clinical research department of Nair hospital while she pursued her degree in Law from KC Law College,, Mumbai. She always craved for knowledge. In her 4 years with Nair hospital she made the best use of her exposure to the pharmaceutical domain. On completion of her degree, she joined Athreya Associates where she completed her internship and LLM degree under the guidance of her senior Ms Usha Chandrashekar and worked for a while before she joined one of the top Pharmaceutical Company as a senior legal executive and gained excellent corporate experience in IPR section.

When Asmita was at the peak of her career, she had to make the toughest decision of her life. Due to medical reasons and maternity she had to take a break. Break was only a physical thing for her. Her mind refused to take any breaks. With challenges like family dynamics and motherhood she had to slow down her career a bit but utilised the time to upgrade her skills in Law.

Never leave a single opportunity to gain knowledge. You never know when and where you will need it”, says Asmita.

While on break, her husband and parents who have always been her major support during her entire career till today, encouraged her to take up small jobs like drafting agreements, prepare leave and license agreement and so on from home. But she was no satisfied with what she was doing. She wanted to do something more concrete and more professional. She got her first break in 2012 -13 when Ms. Debolina Partap, who is also her Mentor and her guide for growth, helped her with a comeback.  She got her first major, also the most challenging assignment with a Pharmaceutical Multinational Company which she completed successfully with her sister-in law Mansi Shinde, without whom it was not achievable. The assignment gave her good recognition and experience with IPR along with confidence and motivation to start something of her own and that’s when  Asmita & Co. was born.

After overcoming initial hiccups like infrastructure and visibility, she was able to establish herself well enough due to her social connects and her ability to keep herself up with the latest knowledge. The trail of her work from past helped her to build her future path. Few Pharmaceutical Multinational Companies are her major regular clients apart from other FMCG companies, individuals and SME clients.
Her current challenge is manpower. She works with need base hired employees. But she is working towards expanding her team and come up with a self -owned office in order to function better.

Ask her howshe retains her clients and she says in every client she looks for a potential to learn, a new experience to gain and not look at them as an opportunity to make money.  She believes in sharing her knowledge to the fullest when she has to give legal advises. For her, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. This honesty and rapport always get her good references and has helped her get more work.
Her strengths are her ability to give quick turnarounds for the work given and her flexibility and ability to connect with clients with ease. She believes in keeping short term goals and takes strategic approach to achieve them before moving on.

Perseverance and Patience help you with better achievements. Every risk taken in a business is always worth“she says.

She aspires to do her PhD in next few years and expand her business to a level where she can be recognized widely for her work. Her journey is a true inspiration for people who want to be Self-Employed Professionals.

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  1. Very nicely written. Indeed asmita’s life is an inspiration to all who want to do something in their life. Her story tells us how to make full use of time.


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