What Makes Timezone The Best NextGen Gaming Arcade!

Sometimes I feel most of us are running a rat race every day. We are always deprived of time and are trying to chase our happiness in life by doing some mundane tasks that we are least interested in. It is very important to break this boring monotony of our routine once in a while and do things that interest us. My husband and I believe in breaking this monotony by doing some exciting things with our children over weekends. We both are working and spending quality time with them is quite challenging in our day-to-day routine. Our weekends are about exploring nature, playing outdoor sports, watching movies, go-carting, fighting over a family game like Monopoly or Pictionary or reliving our inner childhood with the next generation games like bowling, bumper cars, VR Ride etc.

Last weekend we decided to explore Timezone in Phoenix MarketCity Mall, Kurla, Mumbai. We were impressed with the huge space that this arcade occupies. The tricolor balloons truly reflected the republic day feel in the entire zone. I must confess here that not only my kids, but both my husband and I were thrilled to see the number of games and the fun-filled vibes that this place hosts.

As I entered, I could see huge boards with some amazing Republic day offers. There were no two thoughts that our next couples of hours were going to be completely fun-filled. Something that said “win golden ticket offer” caught my son’s attention. At the counter, we were greeted by the warm staff and their manager who introduced us to this exciting republic day offer of paying INR 2600 and playing 26 games for free. My son curiously asked her about that golden ticket, like the Willy Wonka thing from Charlie and the chocolate factory.The manager explained him the concept that any of the game machines could give him a golden ticket. If he wins one, he gets 500 tickets more.  We were just in the right place at the right time. Weren’t we? My children’s father who was now excited like a kid immediately charged the card and the fun began.

From Pirates hook to fruit ninja, from ice hockey to bowling, from car racing to virtual rabbids, we played each game. The most thrilling part of these new generation games is the number of tickets that you win at the end of the game. This helps children develop a sense of competition within them while learning to accept the challenge. These games are an amazing source of relaxation for adults. It helps them relive their childhood and bring out the suppressed childlike excitement.

When we went to the bowling alley we came across another great offer where one can load INR 1200 and get INR 1200+ 2 games or load INR 2500 and get INR 2600+5 gamesapplicable on bowling. Things were only getting better. What impresses me when we go to such arcades is that children enjoy a sense of freedom and get into better exploratory mode than being independent mode. They learn to figure out how to play these games and strive to perform better. A lot of these games are also educational in a fun way. I always correlate this aspect with my children in their academics and other life skills and it really helps.

After two hours of enticing fun and enjoyment, we as a family forced ourselves out of Timezone, all happy and charged up. By the time we left the place, my kids had already planned their next visit and this was going to be a Tuesday since on Tuesdays you play games at half price. Well, while they had decided their day, I had just explored a good option to celebrate my son’s upcoming birthday.When you get to become a child with your children, you enjoy parenting!

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