What makes Introspection the Key to Happiness?

I believe that our body is ruled by mind and soul. Most of the time these two entities are in conflict with each other, making our body the verb of an action, that either fails to please our mind or our soul. If you think the culprits are mind and soul then it’s time for a reality check. The culprit is “Ego” !

Complicated? Let me share an experience. I was always a very ambitious person. Ever since I left home for studies, I had desired to work for big names in corporate world. The desire started taking a back seat when I married the love of my life. I must say, he never stopped me from chasing my dreams. But the thought of long distance relationship was not my types so I decided to push my corporate dreams to backseat. Wasn’t I determined? Yes I was. But my mind shifted priorities without my heart being in sync with this decision. This never made me completely happy.

After a few years I started regretting my decision and played the blame game. My soul knew very well that it was my decision, yet my mind kept blaming the circumstances and my spouse for this decision. But the main culprit of this conflict was my ego, which was disagreeing to accept openly that I had made a wrong decision. Was it hard to accept that I had failed? I guess that’s a positive.

How many of us regret our past decisions and drag them to future actions? When we are at a cross point and we have to choose, we either choose to crib and do nothing or choose to move on and start again. That’s when you need to do a thorough introspection because introspection helps you reflect.
That’s exactly what I did. My desires had become week but not my determination. I had missed the bus to get into the IT corporate world. But I decided to hop onto the next bus in queue without a clue of where it would take me, but move on. I started a new career which was my passion and skill and at this point I know that my mind and soul are in sync and there is no role of ego, hence no conflict. Happiness has followed and the fruits that I am reaping are sweet.

Life will lead us to such cross points every now and then. A good introspection will always help us resolve our inner conflict and move towards a better and more positive path.

Regretting is easy and painful, but getting over it is challenging yet fruitful.

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