Fearless in pursuit of what sets her soul on fire-a passion unmatched!

People love taking pictures with her when she is embarking on her journey. She generates curiosity in people wherever she goes. Children run behind her for long distances when she is passing those rural areas. The petrol pump guys have never ending questions for her on her journey. In those dashing and stunning protective gears and a bag pack on her shoulder, with loads of positive attitude, pride and excitement, every journey that she sets out is with a mark of dignity. Yes, I am talking about no ordinary woman biker but a Harley Davidson woman biker.

MeetSunita Mande, member of Ladies of Harley (PAN India) group, a dynamic, dashing and cheerful personality whose aura can influence any woman to become a go-getter.

This brand conscious couple always dreamed of being associated with the demeanor of bikes-Harley Davidson. Sunita bought her first Harley in 2012, an 883 cc sportster. Being part of the professional riding group since 2012, she started with HOG’s (Harley Davidson Owner’s group) breakfast rides and slowly started participating in zonal and regional rally.

As of today, Sunita alone has covered more than 50,000 kms within India on bike all the way from Mumbai to Pondicherry and in the north to Delhi and Mount Abu. She has to her achievement, riding the entire golden quadrilateral of India (Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata) in just two weeks’ time along with a team of seven women bikers from LOH (Ladies of Harley).

“Biking gives a thrilling rush of adrenaline and has helped me overcome my fears in life”, says Sunita.

Pregnancy and childbirth did give her a pause for two years, but she got back on road very soon, this time with her little boy. No journey is without hurdles. There were times when her bike gave up on road and she had to tow it to the nearest Harley service center, which sometimes would become another journey for her. There were times when she had to drag her broken bike for miles and miles before finding a fuel pump. Journeys such as the ride through the Ranthambore jungles in pitch dark with just headlights are some of the experiences that have made her tougher by the day.

When not biking, Sunita is a creative artist and the co-owner to her husband’s creative business. She aspires to cover the Longewal stretch, the Kashmir to Kanyakumari stretch and the seven sisters (states) in future along with many other small adventurous routes on her bike. She is an inspiration to today’s youth, especially girls and a solid influence for the woman of today. She wishes to see more women both from rural and urban areas riding bikes.

Riding a bike, not just any bike, but a proper sportster is no more only a man’s territory. Woman has conquered it quite well. Travelling around the world on such bikes makes one confident, self- assisted, self- driven and a committed person. One becomes ready to face and accept challenges without a fear or doubt. Women must ride a bike. It gives her strength, a sense of freedom, accomplishment and confidence and brings out in her a completely different attitude.

On this note, we dispersed from the coffee shop and as I had mentioned earlier, her aura left a long lasting inspiring effect on my mind.People like Sunita Mande have redefined the capabilities of woman and have once again proven that there is nothing that woman cannot do!

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