What are those tags that make us weak under the pretext of being strong?

Recently an interesting article from a friend blogger made me think about “Woman Empowerment”, “Super Woman”, “Super Mom” and all these new fancy tags that we women enjoy being associated with these days. I too am often given this tag of super woman and super mom by my family and friends. For some reason it doesn’t really make me feel too great to get this tag. I wonder what is this tag doing to woman and people around her. Becoming economically and financially independent is definitely what gives empowerment to women and is something that women have stepped up and achieved big time. Of course she cannot take this credit alone since it would not be possible for her to do so without the support of her husband, in laws and people who play an important role in her life. Isn’t it? I mean it is practically not possible for men either to achieve their success without the support of their wife and family. But there is definitely something missing here. Let us see.

Majority of women, who say their spouse, was always supportive of her decision to step out of the house and work, or start an earning from home, meant to say that they actually shared the entire household responsibility with her consistently and proactively, or it was just his verbal approval for her to start earning. I wonder if this is even applicable the other way round.
So she gets her family’s support or approval and she steps out to work or starts working from home, making her economically independent or let’s say she is now sharing the financial responsibility with her husband. Back home too she is independent. She is responsible for all the chores and errands of her house-groceries, maids, kids’s schooling, studies, classes, in-laws, parents, PTMs, running errands, cooking, bank work etc etc. So now people call her a super woman because she is single handed doing everything. They say she is superb at multi- tasking. Spouse pitches in if his work allows him to. He is super proud of her. Most of these are definitely not primarily his responsibilities in any way because of our deep rooted culture which says nothing about what men are supposed to do when women start earning.

So now this super woman, super mom or an empowered woman is loaded with responsibilities without much support, trying her level best to manage her time and energy between everything without rest and break and starts falling back on her health and happiness. Majority of women give their health least importance, leading to lifestyle diseases and illness at young age. If she slows down, she is expected to step down or take a break.

Somewhere between becoming independent and powerful, we women make people around us too dependent on us. Our ability and willingness to take up every task in our house makes our spouse independent outside the house and most dependent inside the house. So should we actually brag about woman empowerment? I feel empowerment will make true sense when the men in our house will share equal responsibilities in all aspects proactively and consistently while we also try to step up and climb our career paths without slowing down.

A woman can be called a super woman in true sense only if she is able to create a society or a family where she can make people around her independent and self -sustainable while sharing the responsibilities with her better half and not owning every task to brag this title. Times are definitely changing. Men are pitching in more, they are more sensitive towards women and family as compared to a decade back. Women too need to trust them and learn to unleash themselves from some of the responsibilities that come with being married and having a family. Let us not just get carried away with these fancy tags! They are only making women weak in actuality under the pretext of being strong.

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