Fearless in pursuit of what sets her soul on fire-a passion unmatched!

People love taking pictures with her when she is embarking on her journey. She generates curiosity in people wherever she goes. Children run behind her for long distances when she is passing those rural areas. The petrol pump guys have never ending questions for her on her journey. In those dashing and stunning protective gears... Continue Reading →

Because with you its always different!

I was not even 18. We were introduced to each other through a common friend while going for a friend’s birthday party. You had come to drop her for the same party. You looked dashing in black and something about you made me feel different. I must admit that I was kind of jealous that... Continue Reading →

What makes Introspection the Key to Happiness?

I believe that our body is ruled by mind and soul. Most of the time these two entities are in conflict with each other, making our body the verb of an action, that either fails to please our mind or our soul. If you think the culprits are mind and soul then it’s time for... Continue Reading →

An Arjuna awardee – Her story through her words -Suma Shirur!

“All my life, I worked towards going to the Olympics. I experienced great joy when I qualified for the Olympics with a world record score and eventually made it to the finals at the Athens Olympics, 2004. The thirst continues; the passion overflows for the game as coach”. -Suma Shirur. Her family is a family... Continue Reading →

How she amended some laws of her life to make her legal career successful?

“I may not be there yet, but I am closer than where I was yesterday” Very few people make degree as their passion and profession at the same time. She is one of them. Lets’ meet Asmita Shinde, BA, LLB, LLM, Mumbai based owner of a law firm Asmita & Co., a chamber practice expertise... Continue Reading →

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