Top 4 nutrient rich food I chose for my children

We call our five year old “the rule man” of our family. He just loves to make some fun rules for himself and makes sure he follows them diligently. One such rule is checking his weight every Wednesdays and checking his height on every first day of the month. A slight increase in his weight... Continue Reading →

The need for Financial Independence

Every Parent provides his/her child with the best education just so that he can make the child’s future secure by means of making him/her financially independent. There is nothing called free lunch! This defines the “need to earn”. “The need to earn” defines the equation of spending and saving. In simple terms, let us call... Continue Reading →

Girls Trip – Yes You Read That Right!!

“All girls? Seriously? Without kids?" “Wow just girls to Goa? Amazing! I wish I could go too.” “How can you leave your husband and children and go all alone on a vacation? What kind of trends are you starting in this family?” “Poor kids and husband, how will they manage without you?” These were some... Continue Reading →

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