Why Speaking In Mother Tongue Is Not Of Primary Importance To Me As A Parent?

Communication with a child begins from a mother’s womb. Once the child is of the age of picking a language, he or she is more likely to pick a language that he or she hears the most. Sometimes when the child is exposed to multiple languages, either he picks few words from every language and... Continue Reading →

Digital Parents –Top 5 things that technology cannot give our children

Parents today try to choose the easier way out. A child is troubling to eat, give him a phone and finish the job. You are busy with your work and your child is troubling, give him a phone or tab to make him quiet. Our children belong to a generation that can see, hear, think... Continue Reading →

What makes Introspection the Key to Happiness?

I believe that our body is ruled by mind and soul. Most of the time these two entities are in conflict with each other, making our body the verb of an action, that either fails to please our mind or our soul. If you think the culprits are mind and soul then it’s time for... Continue Reading →

What Makes Timezone The Best NextGen Gaming Arcade!

Sometimes I feel most of us are running a rat race every day. We are always deprived of time and are trying to chase our happiness in life by doing some mundane tasks that we are least interested in. It is very important to break this boring monotony of our routine once in a while... Continue Reading →

6 takeaways from an unplanned vacation

After winding up a long eventful day, kids were off to bed and I was so looking forward to snuggle in my blanket. The following morning was going to be a relaxed one since the Christmas vacations were starting. Soon this beautiful thought was interrupted by my husband who came home from work almost past... Continue Reading →

Top 4 nutrient rich food I chose for my children

We call our five year old “the rule man” of our family. He just loves to make some fun rules for himself and makes sure he follows them diligently. One such rule is checking his weight every Wednesdays and checking his height on every first day of the month. A slight increase in his weight... Continue Reading →

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